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The Juice Box can be found at a variety of local events such as sporting events, fetes, music festivals, farmers markets and has even been hired for children’s birthday parties.

We enjoy adding to our menu to cater for different events and seasons so whenever you see us we may have more apples at an autumn festival but plenty of strawberries at a summer fete and who knows we may even be making juices with ingredients from our very own vegetable plot.

No matter where the event, we can get there. Our small trailer is easily towed and can trade pretty much anywhere. We aim to leave the smallest footprint possible and provide our own water, electricity and waste disposal.  whilst using 100% biodegradable packaging.

All Juice Box staff are trained to ensure that you receive your juice or smoothie in the quickest possible time whilst still maintaining the highest quality.

For The Juice Box at your event contact us

Try a few of our favourites
Kickstart - Apple, Pinapple, ginger and Pomegranate
Carrot top - Carrot, orange, lemon, Ginger and pear
Green Dream - Kale, Spinach, Apple, Celery, Parsley and cucumber
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Phone: 07806 330840

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