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Dan & Nina

It was whilst Nina and I were living and teaching in Thailand, on the Island of Koh Samui, that we first had the idea for The Juice Box. The ease of buying a fresh slice of pineapple from a Thai local from his fruit cart, a cold coconut from a beach bar or a green juice from our favourite spa resort enabled us to enjoy the healthiest and simplest lifestyle possible.  Moving back to the UK, it was easy to see how we could slip into the trap of processed foods and with our tans quickly fading we didn’t want our good habits and benefits of juicing to fade too!

My background of sports coaching and fitness training was an opportunity to use my knowledge of health and fitness to start The Juice Box with the aim of providing simple goodness accessible for everyone, not just those on a detox holiday!

It wasn’t long before friends and customers alike were asking how they could get their juice on a more regular basis and so we developed our 3 day juice cleanse package and the juice at work delivery service. This then allows people to maintain their healthy habits throughout the week and not just at events. 

The Juice Box

The Juice Box itself is a mobile juice and smoothie bar and can be found at sporting events and markets around the Cambridge area. We strive to be the freshest, healthiest option at all of our events and can cater to a variety of dietary needs.

At large events you may see The Juice Box extended using a gazebo. This is to ensure that all customers receive their chilled juice or smoothie without having to wait too long.

Our menu is subject to change at all events depending on the availability of produce may introduce daily specials specific for your event.

So whether you want a refreshing kickstart to your day or an indulgent berry dessert please stop by.

Dan & Nina
The Juice Box

Try a few of our favourites
Kickstart - Apple, Pinapple, ginger and Pomegranate
Carrot top - Carrot, orange, lemon, Ginger and pear
Green Dream - Kale, Spinach, Apple, Celery, Parsley and cucumber
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